Disaster Response

Video: People Move to New Dwelling Houses in Orang and Hochon Counties

The divisions of the elite Party members from the capital city went to Ryongphyong-ri, Orang County in North Hamgyong Province and Sinhong Workers’ District in Hochon County, South Hamgyong Province which had been damaged most severely after carrying out their tasks. They built modern dwelling houses there.

Meetings for moving to new houses were held in the new villages.

Present at the meetings were officials of North Hamgyong Province and South Hamgyong Province and inhabitants in the disaster-hit areas.

The speakers warmly congratulated the inhabitants moving to new houses.

They said that Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un left his footprints of dedication on the windy eastern coast right after the typhoon, and took all measures to build dwelling houses for the inhabitants in the disaster-hit areas.

Saying that there are no such happy people in the world as the Korean people as they are holding the great father in high esteem, they extended the greatest glory and the warmest gratitude to Kim Jong Un, reflecting the loyalty of all the inhabitants in the areas and people of the provinces.

Then licenses for the use of houses were conveyed amid the applauses and pledge speeches were made.

The speakers said that they could not live even a moment away from Kim Jong Un who bestows unfathomable favors on them.

Moving to new houses took place amid laughter, singing and dancing.

Officials of the provinces visited new houses and congratulated the owners, sharing joy with them.

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