Masters of Fish Breeding

The Rason Breed-Fish Station in North Hamgyong Province of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is directing great efforts to pisciculture for improving the people’s diet.

The station has mapped out a specific plan for fry production and is implementing it according to the features of the kinds of fishes.

Manager Hwang Song Chol says: “Our station raises 19 kinds of fishes including rainbow trout, golden rainbow trout, sturgeon, Ryongjong fish, Pacific herring and gizzard shad.”

In the past the station raised only a few kinds of fishes because of shortage of water for fish breeding.

The employees of the station concentrated great efforts on solving the issue of water to put the fish breeding on a scientific basis.

Thanks to the efforts of the technicians and other employees, the station could establish the system of providing cold and warm water for fish breeding and increase the kinds of fishes.

They actively introduce advanced fish-breeding methods in conformity with their actual conditions to increase the fry production.

Their efforts to raise more fishes on a scientific basis will bring about a success in fish production, making a contribution to the improvement of the people’s diet.

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