Illness Management Program Helps Promote Children’s Health

Employees are engaged on a new program for managing diseases of pregnant women, nursing mothers, and newborn babies in the Population Centre of the DPRK.

The Population Centre of the DPRK has developed a program for managing children’s diseases for portable devices including tablet PC and smartphone.

The WHO and UNICEF have charted the Integrated Management of Childhood Illness (IMCI) for children under five and disseminated it around the world. The annual infant mortality amounted to 12 million worldwide before its introduction, but it has been reduced to 5.9 million in recent years since its introduction.

“We developed the IMCI program in order to reduce morbidity and mortality and improve child health care by putting infant illness management on an IT and scientific footing,” said Kim Hang Chol, researcher at the health lab of the centre.

The program was developed based on the guidelines drawn up by the Ministry of Public Health of the DPRK for the integrated management of childhood illness. It consists of the part for babies under two months and the one for children under five. Each part comprises disease assessment and treatment, observation of the course of illness, and essential and reference data for nursing mothers.

It comes in the one for medical workers and the other for nursing mothers. It helps laymen assess symptoms and take effective treatment and preventive measures in time.

“This software gives medical workers, primiparas and their family members necessary help according to the symptoms of children’s illnesses,” said researcher Pak Song Hui.

When you input the data about your child’s birthday, weight and height, the program indicates whether he has low, ideal, excess or grossly excess weight and whether he is low, standard or greater in height and the differences from standard weight and height as well.

The app is especially popular among those living in out-of-the-way places as it runs on smartphones.

The representative of the UNICEF country office in Pyongyang described it as novel and innovative.

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