Disaster Response

People Move to New Houses in Kimhwa County

Kimhwa County, Kangwon Province, has been visited by an auspicious event to be envied by all people. New dwelling houses were built in the township and several ris in the county, that had been hit hard by natural disaster, thanks to the courageous day and night campaign waged by soldiers of the People’s Army.

The houses were wonderfully built under the meticulous guidance and solicitude by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un to form socialist fairyland villages. Ceremonies for moving to the houses were held on Wednesday.

Present there were Pak Jong Nam, alternate member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea and chairman of the Kangwon Provincial Committee of the WPK, Ri Yong Rae, department director of the Central Committee of the WPK, Chae Il Ryong, chairman of the Kangwon Provincial People’s Committee, officials concerned and working people of the county and soldier- builders.

There were congratulatory speeches.

The speakers said that in October Kim Jong Un personally visited the sites for recovery from disaster in the county and gave his leadership of tireless efforts and devotion to provide the people with happy cradle at an early date.

The spectacular fairyland villages are the presents of love given by the mother Party, they said, extending the greatest glory and the warmest thanks to Kim Jong Un.

The speakers said that all the officials, working people and residents have to firmly trust and follow Kim Jong Un only with one mind and become creators of feats in the 80-day campaign, always keeping in mind the great solicitude bestowed by the Party Central Committee.

Licenses for the use of houses were conveyed to the new house owners.

Pledge speeches were made.

People moved to new houses in 17 ris and workers’ districts including township, Choso-ri and Yonsong-ri in the county on the same day.

The officials and the commanding officers of the units that took part in the construction visited the new houses and shared happiness with the new householders, who were beside themselves with joy for receiving the houses with all conditions for living.

There was dancing in the villages and laughter of happiness could be heard from every house.

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