Video: Wonderful Dwelling Houses Built in Damaged Areas of Kimchaek City and Riwon County

New dwelling houses have been built in the damaged areas of Chundong-ri, Unho-ri and Sokho-ri in Kimchaek City of North Hamgyong Province and Haksadae-ri in Riwon County of South Hamgyong Province, and the villagers moved into the houses.

Ceremonies for moving to new houses were held on the spot.

Congratulatory speeches were made there.

Speakers warmly congratulated inhabitants who move into new houses thanks to the great loving care and solicitude of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un when the people of the whole country are vigorously advancing towards the Eighth Congress of the Party.

They said that Kim Jong Un, taking to heart the fact that dwelling houses collapsed and the villagers were suffering hardships of life owing to natural disasters in the South and North Hamgyong provinces, personally visited the spot to inspect the damage, took a special measure of urgently dispatching the divisions of the elite Party members of the capital city and led to victory the building of dwelling houses.

They stressed that all the working people should wage fierce emergency anti-epidemic work and rehabilitation campaign with higher flame of the 80-day campaign and successfully conclude this year’s farming and thus make tangible contributions to the prosperity of a socialist homeland.

Licenses for the use of houses were conveyed to the citizens in the damaged areas.

There were pledge speeches.

The speakers evinced their pledges to victoriously conclude the rehabilitation campaign, bring about a surge in the production and construction and greet the Eighth Congress of the Party with labor achievements, not forgetting the benevolence of the Party even a moment.

The sea of dancers was presented to the tune of peasants’ music and people moved to new houses amid warm congratulations by officials, builders and shock-brigade members.

Commanding officers and members of the divisions of Party members of the capital city and officials of the provinces visited new houses to share happiness with the new owners. 

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