Thousands of Dwelling Houses Built in Samjiyon City

Samjiyon City in Paektu area has seen another auspicious event.

New modern dwelling houses for thousands of families were built in more than 10 tongs (neighborhoods) and ris (villages) in Samjiyon City by the endeavors of all the commanding officers and shock brigade members of Division 216 and soldier-builders.

Meetings for moving to new houses were held in Paektusanmilyong-dong, Sinmusong-dong, Rimyongsu-dong, Phothae-dong, Ohomuldong-dong, Junghung-ri, Hunggyesu-ri, Sobaeksan-ri, Paeksam-ri, Poso-ri and Thongsin-ri.

Present there were Tong Jong Ho, vice-premier of the Cabinet, Pak Hun, minister of Construction and Building-Materials Industry, Pak Song Chol, vice department director of the Central Committee of the WPK, officials and working people in Samjiyon City, commanding officers and shock brigade members of Division 216 and soldier-builders.

There were congratulatory speeches.

The speakers said that socialist fairyland villages appeared in Paektu area under the warm solicitude shown by Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un.

They sent greetings of gratitude in reflection of the unanimous mind of the people in Samjiyon City and all over the country to Kim Jong Un who is bringing all blessings in the world to the people, taking all of them to his arms.

They stressed the need for the officials and working people of the city to further spruce up and take good care of the sacred land of the revolution as the utopian land of socialism and remain loyal to our Party with pure conscience and obligation.

Licenses for the use of the houses were conveyed at the meetings.

There were pledge speeches.

Amid laughter and singing and dancing, people began to move to new houses.

Officials visited new houses and congratulated their owners, sharing the joy.

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