Sapling Production Promoted

The officials and employees of the Ryongsong District Forestry Management Station are concentrating efforts on the sapling production with a desire to greet the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea with a great success in the afforestation.

They have laid a solid material and technical foundation for the sapling production and increase the rooting rate.

Workteam Head Kang Kum Chol says:

“We have planted many kinds of wild fruits including wild grapes, tara vine, acorn and chestnut to send them to the forest zones in the district”.

Since the saplings were not photosynthesized properly in the rainy season, they normalize disinfection with diluted copper sulphate solution lest their roots should decay and be diseased.

As they have to grow most of saplings in the hothouses, they make the power unit and other parts with their own strength and technology.

Many successes are achieved in the afforestation of the district thanks to the zeal of the officials and employees of the station for sapling production.

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