Researchers of Functional Vegetables

The Pyongyang Vegetable Science Institute under the Academy of Agricultural Science is a modern and comprehensive vegetable research and production base in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The institute makes active researches to breed more varieties of vegetables with high productivity and nutritive value.

Section Chief Ryang Nam Chol says: “Functional vegetables are varieties of vegetables with high nutritive and medicinal values.

Now that the demand for functional vegetables is increasing as compared with other vegetables, our researchers are making researches for breeding varieties suited to the climatic and soil conditions of our country.”

Section Chief Ryang Nam Chol and other researchers of the institute made repeated experiments for selecting necessary varieties, studying their features and growing them systematically in order to breed new kinds of vegetables.

Technical indexes for cultivation were confirmed and more than 10 varieties of functional vegetables bred recently, including different kinds of lettuce. Researches were further intensified to ensure rich, stable harvest according to the types of greenhouses and the period of cultivation, making it possible to fully solve the technical problems arising in cultivation.

Section Chief Ryang Nam Chol says: “We plan to breed a greater number of another varieties with high productivity which are suitable to the greenhouse cultivation during the 80-day campaign towards the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea.”

Some of the varieties of the functional vegetables bred by the institute have already been introduced into production, making a contribution to the improvement of the people’s diet and health.

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