Economic Development & Construction

Kujang Benefits From River Embankment Project

In recent years, Kujang County in North Phyongan Province has concentrated efforts on the embankment project of the Chongchon River while pushing ahead with overall river improvement projects on a long-term basis.

Dams were built in tiers along the river and power stations and lakes came into being to unfold conspicuous scenes.

Mobile cage-net fish farms have been built on the river, which has undergone a sea change, to produce a large quantity of fish every year.

As the Paengnyong Stream, a tributary emptying into the Chongchon River, used to rise in rainy season to inflict much damage on some of farmland. But now locals carry on the river improvement project properly after building a power station.

The construction of another power station, which was designed to produce electricity by building a dam up the Paengnyong Stream and dropping water through a waterway tunnel, will make it possible to generate a great deal of electricity, said an official of the county.

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