Fifty-odd Days of Devotion

In 2015, a worker at the Sangwon Cement Complex who fell unconscious with a third-degree burn over 60% of his body was taken to the traumatic surgical department of the Pyongyang Municipal Emergency Hospital.

Medical workers of the department formed an urgent treatment team with its head as the leader in order to bring him back to life.

It took them three hours to dress his wounds at a time. The patient was observed for four days. Finally, he got over shock.

However, he was not free from poisoning for over ten days as he had wide and deep burns.

Kim Myong Nam, head of the department, and his colleagues took treatment measures combined with Koryo therapies.

At the same time, they used a newly developed burn ointment to remove dead tissues and promote granulation.

As a result, the patient could have an operation for the first round of skin grafting fifteen days after his admission to the hospital. At last, he left the hospital over 50 days later.

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