Public Establishments

Club Opens to Offer Chances to Aviation Enthusiasts

A coach and players are engaged in training at the Pyongyang Municipal Aviation Club. 

The Pyongyang Municipal Aviation Club has newly been built in East Pyongyang.

With East Pyongyang Stadium reconstructed and Pyongyang Municipal Football School and Aviation Club newly built around it, the area reminds visitors of a small sports village.

The club has the general office building, mass air sports technique dissemination agency, an air strip for model planes and an auxiliary building in an area of 14,729 square metres.

The three-storey general office building is divided into sections of a model plane-making hall, training hall and players’ life and office rooms.

It is provided with welfare service facilities for coaches and players and a spacious resting place on the rooftop.

The mass aviation sports technique dissemination agency is equipped with a wireless control simulation training room and parachuting simulation training room into which modern science and technology have been introduced, an indoor training room provided with apparatuses needed for training parachuting and an aerial sports exhibition hall.

Outside there is a 130-metre airstrip for model planes which enables the club to ensure the practical training like wireless control simulation training.

“Players like the training conditions and living environment of the aviation club very much. Now they have set a higher goal and undergone an intensive training,” said coach Kim Sok Yong.

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