Essential Oil Producer

A modern essential oil factory conducive to the happy and civilized life of the people has been built in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The Pyongyang Essential Oil Factory has all the production processes for extraction of natural essential oils based on domestic raw materials, the mixture of various essential oils, injection and packing.

The factory, where the research and production of the essential oils have been integrated, is producing different kinds of natural and edible essential oils and the industrial ones with peculiar taste and fragrance.

The technicians and workers of the factory have designed and manufactured hundreds of kinds of equipment with their own strength and technology, putting all the production processes on a modern basis.

The factory has also established the solar generation system to produce tens of thousand kilowatts of electricity a year.

It has cultural and welfare facilities for its employees to fully enjoy a cultural and emotional life.

The employees of the factory are expanding successes in production every day during the 80-day campaign with the pleasure of having grandly celebrated the October holiday.

Manageress Yu Sun Yong says:

“We will set a higher goal and produce a large amount of quality natural essential oils of Korean style during the 80-day campaign to greet the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea with pride.”

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