A Girl’s Desire

Samjiyon City in Ryanggang Province at the northern end of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has been well known to the whole country.

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un gave field guidance to the city several times to change it into a modern mountain city.

Many of the local people had met him.

Choe Jin Ok, a circle member of the Samjiyon Schoolchildren’s Palace, had the honour of having a picture taken with him.

One day in November Juche 105 (2016) she happened to meet him in her narration art circle room, when she felt as if she was in dream.

When he kindly asked her what she was practising, she proudly said she was preparing for the New Year performance. And clinging to his sleeve, she earnestly asked him to have a picture taken with them.

The respected Marshal Kim Jong Un complied with her request and called the children near him to pose for a photograph. The girl, who approached and sat beside him before others, happened to see his wet shoes.

Though young, tears came into her eyes, thinking how cold his feet were on the snowy road to the far-off Samjiyon City.

Kim Jong Un embraced Choe Jin Ok and all other schoolchildren in his arms, soothingly saying: If you cry, you won’t come out well in the photograph. Let’s smile for photographing. I’ll send the photos to you soon.

Next June, Choe Jin Ok took part in the Eighth Congress of the Korean Children’s Union held in the presence of Kim Jong Un.

Telling about the unforgettable day on the platform of the congress, she sang a song of her ardent desire for his good health.

When he came out to the photographing site to have a photo taken with the delegates of the Children’s Union, she presented him with a bouquet, telling him her sincere wish for his good health.

She asked him to have a moment’s rest and it is the ardent desire of all the Korean people.

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