Well-Known School

The Ponghak Primary School in Phyongchon District of the capital city Pyongyang is well-known for its students’ high ability and good educational conditions and environment.

So all the inhabitants with children at primary school age in the district want to send their children to the school.

Headmistress Ri Kyong Ae says:

“All teachers of our school made efforts to find out superior educational methods according to the aptitude and talents of students. They were induced to teach one or two subjects after studying the contents and methods of the teaching materials according to their qualifications and ability. Such teaching style was generalized throughout the country.

This gave a great help to education of our school.”

Headmistress Ri Kyong Ae and other educators of the school directed primary efforts to providing the students with better educational conditions and environment and making the students have an interest in all the lessons according to the curricula.

All classrooms were changed into multi-functional ones and the halls of the corridors into places for the students to read must books at any time.

The school has planted and cultivated different kinds of grains such as paddy, maize, bean and sorghum, various varieties of vegetables and flower trees of good species on every plot of the school garden to use them in practical education for the students.

It is actively creating more effective new teaching methods and estimating them through the evaluation of the students’ attainments.

They also make the high-grade and low-grade students take part in diverse group activities so that all of them can actively develop their talents with confidence.

So all the visitors to the school say they like it all the more.

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