Economic Development & Construction

Video: Kumyagang Power Station No. 2 Completed

Kumyagang Power Station No. 2 was completed and went into operation amid the high flame of the 80-day campaign of loyalty.

The power station was built in an appropriate place for the use of advantageous natural and geographical conditions in Kumya County, South Hamgyong Province. The minor power station with enormous potential of making profits would generate electricity nonstop even in the dry season with the help of rich water resources.

In hearty response to the intention of the Party to effectively tap to the maximum the hydraulic resources, the officials and working people of the county completed the wonderful power station in the fighting spirit of self-reliance and thus created another reliable asset for the development of the county.

The completion of the power station would ensure the increased production in local industrial factories and more affluent life of the people in the county.

It would also make it possible to ensure the satisfactory supply of irrigational water to several farms in the county including Kumya Plain to promote the agricultural development of the county. Cage-net fish farming in the reservoir of the power station would also bring great profits.

Cozy dwelling houses form a good harmony with young orchard and they present a picturesque view with the new pavement of the entrance to the power station.

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