The employees of the Sinuiju City Welfare Service Management Station are increasing the forest resources of the country with their sincere efforts.

They have created forests in their charge and planted many trees of good species there to make thick green woods.

The station is taking care of almost nine hectares of forests. At first when they undertook the care of those forests, there was only a layer of dust without a tree.

But today, the forests are thickly wooded with pine, the national tree of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, and larch and acacia trees of good species. Since last year, the employees have been planting and cultivating a lot of trees such as pine-nut and large chestnut trees and Aronia melancocarpa.

Worker Kang Ryong Nam at the Sinuiju City Welfare Service Management Station says:

“A lot of saplings are needed to plant many trees. We have built a nursery near the forests in our charge to produce young pine-nut tree, Aronia melancocarpa, large chestnut tree and ‘Kumya black pine’. As those trees suit the soil and climatic conditions, we can plant them at any time and ensure their rooting rate fully.”

Such patriotism will make the forests of the country thicker.

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