Science and Technology

Online Education System Sees Improvement

The online education system of the DPRK is improving constantly.

Kim Il Sung University developed a multifunctional integrated communications program to facilitate students’ study.

The program, to which latest multimedia communications technology has been applied, helps teachers not only give proper guidance to the study of students by dint of audio communications, but also call several students at the same time to give introductory lectures and get familiar with their understanding.

The online education faculty of Kim Chaek University of Technology developed a new program so that students could get online lectures in the campus in real time based on the information infrastructure established in the university. The app makes students hear lectures and study with the help of cell phone, tablet PC and laptop before analysing and assessing the results. It is helpful to working people who are involved in the study-while-you-work system and in-service training system.

Lecturers and researchers of Pyongyang University of Medical Sciences established dozens of optional subjects for health workers in the public health sector and brought out a device and program for taking lectures through TV at home.

Wonsan University of Education applied the online study support program based on the offline system to make teachers in rural and mountainous areas conveniently get access to online education at any time.

The program enables teachers in the general education sector to apply for an entrance examination to online education colleges and makes it possible to correctly evaluate their abilities.

Universities across the country broaden teaching experiences by focusing on establishing afresh online education system and raising its level. They also developed different programs including an online practice and management program, while bringing online education close to reality and introducing the intelligent teaching management system, so as to make online education scientific and practical.

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