High Sense of Responsibility

Medical workers in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are fully discharging their responsibility and duty in the emergency anti-epidemic work to thoroughly prevent the inflow of the malignant virus.

Kang Ho Gun, Director of the Taedonggang District People’s Hospital in the capital Pyongyang, says:

“New COVID-19, a serious calamity of the world, killed more than one million people only in nine months. This shows that the malignant disease is not relieved but brings more terrible disasters as the days go by.”

The hospital allots subdivided zones to be kept by medical workers with responsibility in order to prevent any trifling slips in the emergency anti-epidemic work.

The inside of the hospital including the rooms for doctors and nurses as well as the treatment rooms and sick rooms is disinfected several times every day.

All the sick rooms and outpatients’ rooms have been equipped with disinfection system by flowing water and the visitors to the hospital and patients are urged to thoroughly disinfect their hands and wear masks according to the anti-epidemic demands.

At the same time, the hospital is making full necessary material and technical preparations while further strengthening the treatment force to cope with any sudden situations immediately.

They are putting spurs to the emergency anti-epidemic work for good health of the people all the more with high enthusiasm to greet the Eighth Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea with greater successes in their work.

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