A Tree Nursery He Looked Round With Pleasure

There are many big and small tree nurseries in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

They play a big role in turning the whole country into forest, garden, and orchard.

Among them is the Kangwon Provincial Tree Nursery.

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the newly-built Kangwon Provincial Tree Nursery on July 22, Juche 107 (2018).

The tree nursery with an area of tens of hectares has the sapling production zone including plastic panel greenhouse, outdoor cultivation ground, round cutting beds, light substrate production site and seed selection and sowing area, and dozens of buildings and establishments such as management buildings, comprehensive welfare service facilities and dwelling houses.

Looking round different places of the tree nursery, Kim Jong Un was satisfied over the construction of a large-scale sapling production base which can produce more than 20 million saplings a year. And he highly appreciated that a solid material and technical foundation has been laid to ensure safe sapling production.

That day, Kim Jong Un said: I am very pleased to learn that most of the building materials and finishing building materials of the tree nursery were produced by the province itself and the necessary equipment manufactured and installed by relevant organs at home.

Perhaps it wasn’t easy to build such a big tree nursery when everything was insufficient and difficult. I really admire it, he added.

He beamed all over his face as if picturing to himself the mountains of the country which would be greener before long.

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