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Sustained Confrontational Frenzy of S. Korean Conservative Forces May Invite Greater Misfortune

The continuous reckless confrontational moves of the conservative group of south Korea will invite greater trouble

Report of the Korean Central News Agency

A month has passed since an awkward incident took place in which a south Korean citizen, who had trespassed on the West Sea, died.

During the month, we have informed of the result of the investigation of the details of the incident immediately reflecting the intention of our supreme leadership in order to prevent the trust and respect between the north and the south from being crumbled to greater extent because of the unexpected accident on the West Sea that nobody wants and conveyed a regret on the unhappy incident happened in our territorial waters.

Since then, we have tried our best to find out the dead body of the deceased in the waters of the West Sea and return it to his family, but still all in vain to our regret.

We feel sorry about it and the sector concerned decided to take sustained necessary steps in the future, too.

Now in the south side, however, a disrespectful behaviour to slander our good will and maximize the distrust and confrontation between the fellow countrymen is getting worse to surpass its limit as the days go by, giving rise to concern and indignation of our army and people.

Actually, we have something else to say to the south side as regards the given incident.

The past history has many examples in which the small incidents occurred at borders had been expanded to fierce exchange of fire even between the countries in peaceful state.

Moreover, at present, not peace but cease-fire state actually continues between the north and the south and the incident took place in the waters of hot spot on the West Sea where huge armed forces stand against each other.

It is as clear as noonday for the south side to understand how the soldiers on duty could cope with the situation when they did not know why the south Korean trespassed on our waters on what purpose and why the person in question did not respond to the control immediately.

But as long as the unexpected case happened on the territorial waters under our sovereignty, we expressed regrets to the south side in consideration of the present situation of north-south relations and restrained ourselves with utmost patience against all kinds of abuses bursting out from the south side after the incident.

But the south Korean conservatives including the “Power of People” steeped in confrontation consciousness against the fellow countrymen continue to slander the fellow countrymen without discretion, saying about “atrocity” and “infringement on human rights”. Worse still, they are kicking up a frenzy to make the incident an opportunity to achieve their dirty political purpose.

They even try hard to bring it onto the international arena including the United Nations, finding fault with somebody’s “human rights issue”.

They showed no sign of taking reasonable judgement of the details of the incident and proper solution for it from the beginning. Instead, they are running wild to incite only distrust and hostility against the fellow countrymen, take out and exaggerate the grounds necessary for slandering the incompetence of the present regime.

It seems to be a die-hard endemic of the conservatives to run amuck translating the good will of the fellow countrymen into an evil one.

We have long been disgusted by the madness of the conservatives surviving by dint of the anti-DPRK confrontation. But under the condition in which the intentional, tricky and silly remarks continue to be talked violently concerning the recent incident, we can not but take it serious.

As already informed to the south side, we fully informed that our soldier could not but take self-defensive measure after his judgement that a situation was created in which an inhabitant from the south side had illegally intruded into our territorial waters on the West Sea and disobeyed the control to run away.

We want to ask if the south side had informed us of its inhabitant’s going to our side in advance?

The conservatives are talking so loudly about the “dead body’s damage” whose truth has already been disclosed by the south Korean military.

Clearly speaking, the recent undesirable incident on the West Sea is surely an incident that took place by the poor administration and control of the inhabitant of its side on the acute hot waters at an unusually tense and dangerous time due to the malignant virus sweeping the whole of south Korea. As is the case, it is quite natural that the south side is preferentially responsible as it brought about the unfortunate case. This is the invariable stand maintained by us.

It would be called a reasonable act to study their miserable state before taking issue with somebody.

The conservatives say that they are interested in and attach importance to “human rights”, but they connived at the recent terrible incident in which a south Korean was run over to death by GI’s armored car, saying no protest against it. They also killed on the spot its inhabitant swimming across the river in the area of the military demarcation line to come to the DPRK by firing a machine gun indiscriminately. Have they any face to dare to clamour about somebody’s “human rights”?

The real intention of the reckless moves of the conservatives is nothing but to bring to south Korean society an unprecedented raging wind of anti-DPRK confrontation and “expulsion of pro-communists” while taking advantage of the recent incident, not because they are genuinely interested in the lives of human beings and the human rights. Of it we clearly know.

With whatever fabrications and sinister plots, the conservatives can never tarnish the image of the dignified DPRK where it becomes the ethos of the state to respect, love and give priority to people even under all kinds of natural disasters.

It is the reality of today that the clouds of uneasiness and discord are not scattered because of the insane maniacs who are nuts on a wild ambition for seizing the political power and spend their time only for confrontation between the fellow countrymen and political disputes, regardless of the ever-worsening people’s life and the malignant pandemic crisis.

In the south, all kinds of slanders against us go beyond the limits and the dangerous moves get more undisguised to develop the incident as the international fabrication against the DPRK. This serious reality again touches our limit of generosity and good will maintained by us so far.

It is our standpoint that we do not want the unpleasant precedent will be repeated again in which an incident had driven the inter-Korean relations into catastrophe.

Here goes our warning in advance that the reckless act of the south Korean conservatives for confrontation could invite greater disaster.


October 29, Juche 109 (2020)

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