Production of Medicines on Increase

The Jongsong General Pharmaceutical Factory is increasing production of medicines.

The factory, which has realized the integration of development, production and marketing of medicines, turns out over 280 kinds of reserve medicines, Koryo medicines and health foods.

The transfusion plant has an annual capacity of producing tens of millions of various transfusions, including glucose injection, lactated Ringer’s solution, and general amino acid injection. All its production lines, ranging from the moulding of plastic bags to filling, sterilizing and packing, are on an automated, streamlined basis.

The biomedicine plant produces intermediate urokinase and refined urokinase.

The injection plant produces tens of millions of injections every year, including solution, powder, and freeze-dry ones.

The demand for capsules and various tablets is on the increase as they are badly needed in everyday life and their storage and usage are convenient.

Various kinds of Koryo medicines and health foods of the factory enjoy popularity.

All production lines of the factory comply with the requirements of GMP certified by the World Health Organization.

Most recently, the factory sent many medicines to the people in the flood-stricken areas.

Manageress Ko Yong Kum said: “We will make more endeavours to increase production of medicines so that our people fully enjoy the benefits of the socialist public health system.”

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