Lift Production on the Increase

The Pyongyang Construction Machine Factory located in Songyo District, Pyongyang, is striving to boost lift production.

In order to carry out this year’s plan which increased 1.5 times more than last year, the factory is giving priority to supplying dozens of tons of rolled steel, welding rods, tens of kinds of electrical components and other materials.

The operating rates of the plasma cutter and other efficient processing facilities are accelerated to improve the quality of castings and shorten the production cycle.

Positive measures have been taken to ensure the domestic production of fixtures and lifts are assembled as soon as necessary parts are provided.

In order to keep production going steadily, the factory concentrates efforts on building up its own sci-tech force and upgrading production processes.

“Our factory pays primary attention to ensuring the quality of products as it proactively introduces valuable technical innovation plans,” said Ju Kwang Sok, chief of the technical department.

It introduced rational plans into manufacturing a lifter auxiliary roller for the door, buffer and speed governor, thus reducing noise and increasing safety of lifts.

In addition, it refashioned the plastic block and call button panel.

The factory is now engaged in research for improving the efficiency of a winch.

“The factory is pushing ahead with its annual plan for lift production at the final stage,” said its chief engineer Choe Chol.

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