Emergency Anti-Epidemic Work Intensified in DPRK

The campaign for thoroughly checking the inroad of the malignant virus is being intensified in the DPRK.

The central emergency anti-epidemic field is directing all efforts to making all fields and units exercise thorough cautions against conceit, carelessness, irresponsibility and slackness and ensuring all-people unity in voluntary action and thus more firmly maintaining stable anti-epidemic situation to cope with the ever-worsening world health crisis.

In the inspection and quarantine field, the work for getting equipped with disinfection facilities of Korean style is further accelerated while relevant members are taught to deal with the supplies without the slightest tolerance or compromise according to the anti-epidemic rules.

The sci-tech field is pushing ahead with the work for deliberating and immediately introducing efficient disinfectant manufacturing methods presented by educational and scientific research organs and for upgrading anti-epidemic means.

In the areas along the borders, coasts and the demarcation line, tasks for observation posts are clearly allotted and the level of control is enhanced to make floating people and vehicles abide by the orders.

Medical workers across the country are meticulously organizing medical checkup to cope with any seasonal diseases while intensifying the anti-epidemic work.

Headquarters at all levels that turned out in the campaign for recovery from natural disasters are guiding the work for thoroughly disinfecting the working places, bedrooms, kitchens and so on to meet the anti-epidemic requirements.

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