Yearly Potato Production Plan Overfulfilled in Samjiyon City

Samjiyon City overfulfilled its potato production plan for this year.

The 1st Workteam of its Junghung Farm harvested more than 45 tons of potatoes per hectare. 18 workteams of its farms and hundreds of their members qualified as high yielders, so that they topped their potato production plans honorably.

The Hunggyesu Farm sprouted its potato seeds faithfully. Besides, it increased the proportion of its farm work done by machines. Consequently, it enabled its employees to work with ease and yet yield large quantities of potatoes this year.

The Paeksam and Thongsin Farms and many others judiciously arranged for all their labor and machines to be mobilized to reap in good time abundance of the potatoes they raised with all care in spring and summer and transport them all to their storehouses. They finally proved themselves good potato yielders.

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