Science and Technology

Information Service Activities Gain Momentum

The Grand People’s Study House has added to its website millions of new data pieces that would contribute to settling the sci-tech problems arising in different economic sectors, namely the protection and increase of marine resources and their management, the underground water physical prospecting technology and the technology of breeding grass-eating domestic animals, and is conducting brisk scientific and technological diffusion activities.

It has also improved remote order service to promptly spread the sci-tech data demanded by relevant sectors and units.

While scrupulously organizing online lectures based on the already-established real-time livestreaming system, it has recently completed teaching plans in dozens of subjects for online in-service training, ensuring that nearly two times more scientists and technicians throughout the country receive such training on the spot than the same period of last year.

The Sci-Tech Complex is also steadily updating the data propagation system for scientific and technical diffusion bases at all levels and further improving the quality of information service.

This year alone, it has added to its database such advanced sci-tech data as molecular biology technology, modern robotics and maize cultivation and processing, and rich translated and multimedia data as well.

The sci-tech information, which is provided by the institutions for all-people learning, is very helpful to officials and other working people across the country in acquiring advanced science and technology and rapidly solving sci-tech problems arising in practice.

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