Decades Spent on Discovery and Development of Traditional Medicine

Ryu Ho Chun, section chief at the Pyongyang Municipal National Heritage Preservation Agency, has authored many books on medicine, including Find Health in NatureBiorhythm and Health and Application of Human Bio-field.

Recently, she wrote a book which comprehensively reviews the traditional medical heritage of the nation after delving into old records and broadening her clinical experience with the help of prominent doctors in the field of Koryo medicine.

“Her books command special attention among readers and some often ask when the second edition of her books come out,” said Jo Nam Sun, librarian at the Grand People’s Study House.

Ryu graduated from the faculty of medicine of the then Pyongyang Medical University in 1987.

It seemed quite natural for her to study medicine following in the footsteps of her father who was a famous doctor at a central hospital and chairman of the abdominal surgery committee of the Medical Association of Korea.

However, Ryu was more attracted to Koryo medicine than surgery and switched from medical career to study into traditional medicine, and became a researcher in the field of national heritage protection.

When asked why she became a researcher since she studied medicine, she said that a surgical knife is an essential tool for saving life but leaves an indelible scar on the skin.

In fact, it was also the view of her father who spent his whole life as a surgeon.

Ho Chun thought that maybe traditional medicine can offset the disadvantages of surgery.

Sometimes, people may need the help of a surgical knife. But some of them are undergoing surgical operations because of minor diseases which can be cured by simple Koryo therapies. Their carelessness about health and intemperate lifestyle lead to their illnesses and at last leave permanent marks on their skin.

Such a view sank deeply in her mind while she co-authored the popular books Road to Longevity and Secret of Prolonged Youth with her father.

“Our ancestors controlled diseases by dint of traditional medicine and tried to find a way to live a healthy life free from diseases in connection with the nature. The more I delve into traditional medicine, the more fascinated I get by the wisdom and resourcefulness of the Korean nation. In the course of my decades-long research, I harden the resolve to discover, preserve and add glory to the excellent traditional medicine of the Korean nation,” said Ryu.

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