Sports Games of Working People He Saw

The mass sports finals of the National Inter-Provincial Sports Contest took place at the Pyongyang Indoor Stadium on October 10, Juche 102 (2013).

The stadium was crowded with working people, sports enthusiasts and rooters.

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un came out to the stadium full of joy.

That day, there took place the women’s volleyball finals between the teams of South Phyongan Province and Nampho City and national sports and amusement games.

The volleyball players of the two teams displayed their wonderful skills, breaking by instant smashing, hard blow and bunt.

Those players in the finals of Korean wrestling, running with balls in arms and on head and tug of war fully displayed their hard-trained physical, technical and tactical abilities and the spirit of collectivism.

Ha Kyong Il, Director of the South Phyongan Provincial Sports Bureau, says:

“The people in our province still tell as legend about the inter-provincial sports contest held in the presence of the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un.

That day was October 10, the founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Kim Jong Un brightly smiled to our players, which seemed as if he inspired them to win.

He gave an applause to our players whenever they performed wonderful skills in high spirits.

Our players won excellent scores in a number of events and took the first place in total.”

Kim Jong Un spent a long time with working people, encouraging the players.

That day, he expressed satisfaction over the successful sports contest and said the inter-provincial sports contest should be held regularly and efforts be directed to the national sports so that everybody could make an active contribution to labour and defence with strong body.

The mass sports finals of the National Inter-Provincial Sports Contest held in the presence of Kim Jong Un further enhanced the enthusiasm for sports across the country.

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