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Making the Most of Solar Power

The Pyongyang Mobile Telecommunications Bureau directs efforts to enhancing the efficiency of solar panels.

The Pyongyang Mobile Telecommunications Bureau is making effective use of sunlight.

More than 160 solar panels are fixed in rows on the outer wall of its building.

“It is important how to make the most of generated electricity in the use of solar panels,” said Kim Jong Chol, director of the bureau.

The bureau installed a dozen homemade charging controllers in its control room.

According to Son Kyong Jun, chief engineer of the bureau, the controller helps make solar energy in a proper size to meet the source light which is changed according to time and place.

The charging controllers protect batteries, prolong their lifespan and ensure stable power.

The peak output control technique is applied to the controllers with an eye to ensuring electricity needed for charging batteries at the maximum by monitoring the input and output power on a constant basis.

The control room ensures that the controllers charge batteries with the electricity generated from solar panels.

“Our solar panels produce 284 kW on a daily average, or tens of thousands of kilowatts annually. We satisfy the power need for business and supply service with the electricity,” said the chief engineer.

The bureau secures from solar energy the power needed for the operation of hundreds of computers and communications equipment, sci-tech learning space, greenhouse on the roof top and cultural and welfare facilities.

A great deal of effort is now being directed to further increasing the efficiency of solar panels.

The bureau set up phased targets and is pressing on with them. It works to ensure the proper angle of the solar panels so that they can receive sunlight directly and at the maximum and to put the technical management of charging controllers on a scientific basis.

A wind turbine and solar water heater are also installed on the roof of its building.

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