Heroine of Pukchang

There is an ordinary woman who has lived with her husband for over 30 years though he is a man with no eyes and arms and with only one leg.

She is Kim Chun Hwa, staffer at the Hoean Youth Coal Mine under the Pukchang Area Youth Coal-mining Complex in Pukchang County of South Phyongan Province.

It was in March 1985 when she tied the knot with Son Jae Chol, a special-class disabled soldier.

Kim Chun Hwa was born in Kangson. From her childhood, she grew up, learning from the spiritual world and tender heart of persons in the Chollima era who did not shut their eyes to the pains and misfortune of others.

“As I was born and grown up in Kangson, the native home of Chollima, I resolved to get married to Son Jae Chol who was crippled in the way of military service for the country,” recalled Kim Chun Hwa.

Her mother also gave her a pep talk, saying her late father who was also a war veteran would have been glad if he knew about it.

The laudable deed of the girl received the eulogy of all people, and her noble spirit and traits became another pride of Kangson.

But her married life was not easy .

She had to massage her husband, provide him with tonics and nutritious foods and take care of her family by herself. It is hard to express her unseen sincerity and devotion in writing or language .

Son Jae Chol was so grateful to his wife for showing him affection for over 30 years while substituting his eyes and limbs that he opened his heart, saying he hoped that he would see her face even a moment.

In the DPRK, preferential steps are taken for special-class disabled soldiers and their wives to remove inconvenience in their life. Accordingly, she is freed from doing social work.

But she did not stop working. She contributed greatly to the public by providing a large amount of aid materials while working for the supply service for coal miners for scores of years.

Every coal miner of Pukchang says that Kim Chun Hwa is a woman of dauntless spirit.

On June 17 this year, she was awarded the title of Labour Hero.

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