Animals on the Increase

The Koksan County Useful Animals Station in North Hwanghae Province of Korea is protecting and propagating the animals properly.

In order to propagate a lot of pheasants and thus add beauty to the mountains the officials and employees of the station are keeping the pheasants in a technical way to increase their weight.

Due to the repeated flood and typhoon, the incidence of parasitoses including coccidium has got higher than before.

Under the condition, the station is limiting the entrance of outsiders and normalizing disinfection. It also inoculates the pheasants in time to increase their immunity while making exudate or dried extraction from wild walnut bark and roots of pasqueflowers for feed.

Head Ryang Ki Chol says:

“In this time of the season, the aggressive pheasants often pick at each other. So we separate weak ones from them in time and cut beaks of pheasants in advance.”

The station is also keeping deer and roe deer. It increases their number every year to set them free into reserves for useful animals.

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