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University Pushes Development of Equipment for Zero-Energy Building

Researchers at Pyongyang University of Architecture conducts a measuring test of photovoltaic collector panels.

“It is a global trend to build energy-saving and zero-energy buildings at present. And the PVT collector is an important factor in that,” said a researcher at Pyongyang University of Architecture.

According to him, solar panels and solar water heaters are installed separately in buildings to get electricity and heat energy, but their outputs are insufficient as the footprint is limited.

To overcome such a disadvantage, different countries are engaged in research for developing the photovoltaic collector incorporating the PVT technology.

Such collector is a facility for generating electricity and heat at the same time.

It helps reduce the area covered by solar energy equipment in buildings by half and maximize the utilization rate of solar energy and can enhance the effect as finishing building material.

Researchers at Pyongyang University of Architecture are now carrying on research into the development of air- and liquid-type PVT collectors for obtaining electricity and heat.

Their hi-tech device cools the solar panels heated by the sunlight by means of air or water and enables the heat energy obtained thus to be used for heating rooms. The power generation efficiency is said to be 10.5-15.5 percent and the collector efficiency 48-58 percent.

Through the test, the research team confirmed that the collector can supply enough electricity for indoor lighting and computer and raise room temperature to above 20 ◦C when air temperature is -14 ◦C.

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