Foreign Affairs

United Nations as Desired by Humankind

From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Oct. 24th 2020.

On October 24, 1945, at the historical watershed that marked an end to the era of war turbulence and darkness whereby the world people had been forced into the immeasurable misfortunes and pains and tens of millions of lives taken away, the United Nations(UN) was set up, bearing the centuries-old desire of the humankind not to repeat the history of destruction, slaughter, domination and subordination.

When UN had been established with the main purposes of ensuring global peace and security and developing international relations and international cooperation based on sovereign equality, not only the delegates from 51 countries that had signed the UN Charter but also the people of the whole world might have looked at it as a guiding institution for peace and prosperity and a beacon of future.

But now, can we say that the dream and desire borne at that time are realized in the present world?

While reflecting today’s reality on the UN Charter, a guideline of UN, the world is witnessing in great pain a gradual diminution of the aspirations and desire of humankind for leading a genuine life.

The United Nations stipulated in its Charter that its primary purpose is to maintain international peace and security and to bring about adjustment or settlement of international disputes or situations by peaceful means and in conformity with the principles of justice and international law.

However, any single case of settled peace and security cannot be found in the annals of modern history, and instead there are only records of tragic facts; more than 800,000 innocent people lost their lives and tens of thousands were reduced to the fate of refugees by the catastrophe of wars, internal strife and conflicts which had flared up in every part of the world, including Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya, thus casting a dark shadow over the survival and development of humankind.

Same is true of the case if we pore over the relevant articles of the UN Charter concerning the development of friendly relations among nations based on the principle of equal rights and self-determination and the respect for human rights.

The infringement upon sovereignty and the interference in the internal affairs of sovereign states by certain countries in all parts of the world are becoming increasingly rampant, and these necessarily give rise to the political disturbance and social disorder where people’s dignity and rights are ruthlessly trampled upon. This is the reality being witnessed by the world.

What is the reason that lies behind this reality where evil practices and malicious acts plunging the world into the vicious cycle of injustice and tyranny are connived at and even openly legitimized, far from being terminated till now when UN, most comprehensive international organization of the world is recording a 75-year-long history?

The reason flows from the attempts by the malicious forces of injustice to bring to court and obliterate the justice, while deriding and deceiving the world by keeping up the masquerade of justice and abusing their privileged positions.

This is why the abnormal situations frequently arise, whereby some specific countries are abusing the main functions and powers of UN in pursuing their aim to eliminate and obliterate the countries of their disliking under all hues of pretexts such as “democracy”, “human rights” and “anti-terrorism” in total disregard of the UN purposes and principles, while brazenly disguising their high-handedness and arbitrariness as something for justice on the UN stage.

Justice is not a weight gravitating towards the side which has a larger territory and a stronger power, depending on the shift of time. Justice is eternally immutable together with the human history.

The conscience of the world speaks that international justice would only hold when the sovereignty and dignity of all countries are thoroughly ensured, all kinds of unfair encroachment upon the sovereign states are eliminated and all issues are resolved in a just and fair manner without any bias and selfishness.

No longer should the unsavory history be repeated, where the acts of aggression and intervention, infringement upon the sovereignty, isolation and suffocation committed by abusing the august name and authority of the United Nations were tolerated, and the root cause of injustice, hidden behind the mask of justice, should be completely eradicated through the UN reform for ensuring international justice, impartiality and democracy.

In firm unity and collaboration with all countries of the world aspiring after independence and justice, we will actively strive for genuine international justice, for future desired by the humankind and for a peaceful and prosperous new world.

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