Disaster Response

Video: People Move to New Houses Built in Disaster-stricken Areas in Kangwon Province

Areas in Kangwon Province that had been hit by natural disasters have now turned into modern villages under socialism.

In the disaster-stricken areas such as Cholwon, Phyonggang, Changdo, Ichon, Hoeyang, Phangyo and Kumgang counties over 810 blocks of low-storey and single-storey houses for more than 1,670 families have been newly built and people have moved into them.

Meetings for moving to new houses were held on Friday.

Present there were Pak Jong Nam, chairman of the Kangwon Provincial Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Chae Il Ryong, chairman of the provincial people’s committee, officials of the province, citizens in the areas and builders.

Congratulatory speeches were made.

The speakers warmly congratulated the people on moving into new houses in the fairyland and model rural villages under socialism under the warm loving care of Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un who wished those who moved to new houses in new villages happiness only.

They said in excitement that Kim Jong Un, taking it as immense honor to go through hardship for the country and the people, made continued journey for the people and bestowed immense solicitude on the people in Kangwon Province, worrying about them after they were hit by flood.

The soldiers of the People’s Army and builders built new houses in the areas that had been ravaged by flood in Kangwon Province in a short period through 24/7 fierce and courageous campaign of loyalty, they stressed.

Licenses for the use of the houses were conveyed amid applauses.

Then there were pledge speeches.

People danced as householders moved to new houses amid warm congratulations by officials and working people.

Officials of the province who visited the new houses congratulated the owners, gave them necessities of life and shared joy as they were greatly excited to be given modern dwellings with all conditions necessary for living provided.

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