Livestock Farming Helps Enrich Life in Many Ways

The livestock cooperative farms in Kangdong County, Pyongyang, grow richer with each passing day.

Herds of goats, cows and sheep are grazing the once barren lands, improving the livelihood of the farmers.

Cozy houses of the farmers nestle in neat rows at the foot of the mountains covered with thick forests and each house is swarming with goats, rabbits, chickens and pigs.

Yoghurt, cheese, butter and other dairy products are very helpful to the growth of the children, say natives of the region.

“Livestock farming has brought enormous benefits to us. As methane gas is produced from animal excrement in all houses, they cook food for each meal and boil feed for animals as well with it. And many apple, date and other fruit trees grow well in the courtyard,” said Rim Ki Nam, an official of the Kubin Livestock Cooperative Farm.

A gravity-fed water supply system has been established to provide families with quality drinking water.

Fish breeding ponds are teeming with catfish and solar-heated greenhouses present a sea of fruit and leaf vegetables including cucumber, pepper, tomato, lettuce and bok choy. Farmers are provided with fresh vegetables produced there all the year round.

The farms have steadily encouraged grass-eating animal husbandry for years. As a result, cash income for each farmer has increased dozens of times over that 10 years before.

“We are producing meat from grass and have come to live an affluent life. Now we do not envy urban life,” many farmers say.

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