Grasswork with a Long History

Grasswork of Korea has a long history.

In the primitive times people used baskets or bags made with dry grass and bark. The grasswork gradually developed into a national craftwork which reflected the aesthetic desire and vital needs.

In the middle ages in particular, the grasswork was used more widely. Beautiful colour patterns were created with the help of delicate making methods and bright and soft materials for the ground colour and the human life and natural scenery were reflected on the grass work, increasing its artistic value.

Very popular were the sedge mats and cushions with different kinds of beautiful and delicate patterns and all sorts of straw fans with various shapes made during the Koryo Dynasty. As regards the making skill and beauty of the straw fans, in particular, neighbouring countries are said to have compared them to the “agency of the God” at that time.

The flower-patterned mats of different shapes and colours made during the Feudal Joson Dynasty were considered to be one of the special products of the country and Korea was widely known as a famous producer of mats.

The grasswork with deep national flavour is further developing according to the sentiment and aesthetic sense of the Korean people.

The cushion, bag, hat, shoes and other kinds of grasswork are produced at the grasswork factories and the grasswork producers’ cooperatives in the DPRK. They are not only patronized by people but also presented to the international and national trade fairs which are held in Pyongyang.

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