Fermented Bean


The Korean people have long used fermented bean in their dietary life.

Fermented bean is very good for health.

It arrests coli and other harmful substances in the intestines, is effective for prevention of vascular diseases including cerebral thrombosis and treatment of hypertension and fatty liver, and improves the brain function.

It also contains a lot of medicinal components and antioxidants strengthening immunity and arresting the increase of cancer cells. So it is used for prevention and treatment of cancer, diabetes and obesity.


Now the Ryugyong Fermented Bean Factory, the Pyongyang Condiments Factory and many other units in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea produce the fermented bean in an industrial way, meeting the increasing demand of the people.

The Undok Restaurant under the Changgwang General Restaurant and other public catering service establishments serve various foods cooked with the health food–fermented bean.


A number of foodstuffs including the fermented bean with tangle for soup making are popular among many people as they have enhanced the food value of the fermented bean to the maximum and improved its taste and fragrance.

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