Farms Turn Out Various Dairy Products


Farmers produce a variety of dairy products at the Kubin Stockbreeding Cooperative Farm in Kangdong County, Pyongyang.

A variety of processed milk products are turned out at the milk processing grounds of different stockbreeding cooperative farms in Kangdong County, Pyongyang.

“First, the quality of milk should be good in the processing of milk, second, bacteria should be fine and third, it should be processed well. Quality product comes when these three factors are well matched,” said Ri Pyong Gu, leader of the youth milk processing workteam of the Kubin Stockbreeding Cooperative Farm.

According to him, the workteam gathers goat’s milk and cow’s milk from a dozen workteams every morning and evening to examine acidity and pollution level at the analysis room, before starting production.

The characteristic feature of milk processing in Kubin-ri is that it has applied natural lactobacilli.

As the ri already built the lactobacilli culture room for specializing in the production of indigenous bacteria from the place, it does not worry about bacteria despite increased milk output.

Han Ok Hwa, head of the culture room, said that it is equipped with a full set of cold centrifugal separator, liquid culture tank, freeze dryer, ultra-deep freezer and other facilities. “Spores produced by our culture room exist as liquid and powder, which have been registered as national spores,” she noted.

According to her, the culture room has made an enzyme for the production of cheese, which had been imported in the past, since a few years ago. They produce mozzarella cheese for pizza to supply it to public catering establishments in Pyongyang.

A variety of ferment bacilli from Kubin-ri are sent to other stockbreeding farms in Kangdong County and other areas, which are winning popularity with users.

What is noticeable in the milk processing ground of the Kangdong County is the tunnel-type storehouse.

The storehouses are literally natural freezers as they are located in dozens-of-metre-long tunnels where underground water of 12-15℃ flows all the year round.

“The dairy products we produce are kept in this storehouse. In fact, when they are preserved in a refrigerator, they become less fresh due to the smell of ammonia. When they are stored in the tunnel-type storehouse, they preserve fresh and natural taste as they are. Everyone who has visited our storehouse is struck with admiration,” said an official of Thaejam Stockbreeding Cooperative Farm.

The output of processed milk products of Kangdong County is on the increase every year, including yoghurt with sourish and savoury taste, mouthwatering white milk tofu, milk cream, cheese and butter.

Among them, the annual yoghurt output amounts to well over a thousand tons, and it is said that over 100 tons of more yoghurt have been produced this year over last year.

“Goat’s milk is known as health food as it contains dozens of kinds of amino acids needed for human body, fatty acids, mineral substances and vitamins. Demand for the processed milk products of Kangdong County grows day by day since such qualitative indexes as acidity, viscosity, pH, moisture and contents of oil and salt are thoroughly ensured and for their high nutrition,” said manager of the Pyongyang dairy products shop.

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