Emergency Anti-Epidemic Work Continues to be Intensified

The emergency anti-epidemic work continues to be intensified in the DPRK.

Officials of the field headquarters of Division 216 at the site of damage rehabilitation in North Hamgyong Province have set up new anti-epidemic posts in a number of cities and counties near the division to prevent the slightest weak points in the emergency anti-epidemic work. In order to prevent water pollution they have also set up monitoring points in the areas under reconstruction to examine the water quality with responsibility.

The officials and employees of the Pyongyang Noodle House and other public catering establishments in Pyongyang City are finding out all the elements that may be blind sides in the anti-epidemic work and taking immediate measures, deeply conscious that a hole may be made on the anti-epidemic wall because of a moment’s self-conceit, slackness and carelessness.

Jasong County of Jagang Province has established the watch and information system properly according to the regional features and is strengthening the watch over the River Amnok and the lakes around it. The county has tested the performance of all the antiseptic solution-making facilities at the relevant units and taken measures to ensure the quality of the antiseptic solution in a thoroughgoing way.

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