Concern for the Corn Products

Corn is widely cultivated in Korea. Since long ago, a lot of corn products have been made for the diet.

The great leader Kim Il Sung named a maize product “Okssal”(corn meal). The great leader Kim Jong Il proposed building a modern corn processing factory in Pyongyang City and brightly illuminated its orientation and ways.

This is how the Pyongyang Corn Processing Factory was built and started production in August Juche 104 (2015).

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited the factory on August 31 that year.

The factory was making different kinds of corn products. All the production processes ranging from the feeding of raw materials to packing were robotized and dust- and germ-free.

Kim Jong Un made the rounds of different production processes, the products showroom, the general control room, the sci-tech learning space and the room for experiment and analysis.

He highly praised the factory as a flawless and smart one where all the production processes were on a modern basis and the cultured ways in production and life on a high level.

Looking at corn products of the factory such as noodle, corn meal, cake, bread and sweet jelly, he said with great pleasure: The variety of products is diverse and the products-packing level is very high. I am pleased.

After looking round the factory, he expressed satisfaction and said the production should be normalized on a high level as the Pyongyang Corn Processing Factory is an important one that should make an active contribution to improving the diet of the capital citizens.

And he stressed the need to make a greater number of corn products of various kinds which are popular among the people.

He was always concerned to provide the people with tasty foodstuffs.

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