Disabled Persons

Blind Association of Korea

On October 15, an unusual scene was witnessed in Moranbong District, Pyongyang.

Some blindfolded persons went round areas with canes in their hands.

Some of them untied the blindfolds halfway, saying that it was very difficult for them to walk as they could not see an inch beyond their nose.

The event was organized by the Blind Association of Korea on the occasion of World Day of White Cane (October 15) in a bid to raise social awareness about blindness.

The association was founded in March Juche 103 (2014). Its mission is to represent the interests of all blind DPRK citizens and ensure their equal social status and rights.

It has under its control branch organizations in all provinces, through which it learns about their demands and makes efforts to realize them and ensures their education and vocational activities. It also pays attention to the production, dissemination, and publicity of braille publications.

It also encourages the use of braille at public places and is promoting a plan to form a braille information network at all schools for the blind.

In recent years, the country has regularly conducted a nationwide survey of the living conditions of the blind to ensure that the State’s strict policies for the protection of the disabled is implemented to the letter in all fields.

The DPRK became a full member of the World Blind Union in March this year.

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