Patriotic General Kim Ung So

Kim Ung So is a patriotic general during the Feudal Joson Dynasty which existed between 1392 and 1910.

He, who was born in 1564, passed the military service examination at the age of 20 and then, he secured government positions as a military officer, contributing to the defense of the country.

Especially, he fully displayed his disposition as a general during the Imjin Patriotic War against the foreign invaders between 1592 and 1598.

During the war he defeated the invaders in many battles including the battle of recapturing the Pyongyang Fort, making a great contribution to the war victory.


Doctor and Associate Professor Ju Song Chol, Section Chief of the History Institute under the Academy of Social Sciences, says:

“At the beginning of the war Kim Ung So was the official in charge of the garrison of Phyongan Province. He organized a combat unit with patriotic people in Pyongyang to defeat the Japanese invaders who temporarily occupied the Pyongyang Fort. Meanwhile, he contacted the patriotic woman Kye Wol Hyang in the fort and went into the enemy line with her help and killed an enemy commander, terrifying the enemy.

He fully displayed his courage as the commander of a vanguard unit during the battle of recapturing the Pyongyang Fort in January 1593 when the general attack started.”

Later, he was appointed the military commander in charge of the right part of Kyongsang Province and continued to render distinguished services until the war ended in 1598 and so he was widely known.


The Korean painting “Portrait of Kim Ung So” depicts him during the Imjin Patriotic War.

It was drawn by Ri Phal Ryong in 1792. It is preserved in the Korea National Art Museum.

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