To Make Finishing Building Materials Multifarious, Diverse and Localized

Many monumental edifices representing the times are being built in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

The Workers’ Party of Korea regards it as an important political demand to make the finishing building materials multifarious, diverse and localized.

The finishing building materials producers are steadily increasing their own technical force.

We can take as an example of the Chollima Tile Factory, the best tile producer of the country.

The factory considers it an important business strategy to lower the costs, improve the quality and make the goods multifarious and diverse.

Recently, it has found out a raw-materials field by itself, providing favorable conditions for business activities.

It has further consolidated its technical force by working out the talents-training strategy suited to its actual conditions.

It has established a well-planned system of collecting waste products by firmly grasping the recycling as the key to increased production. Such achievements could be made in the course of the consistent work to normalize production on a high level with science and technology as the motive force for development.

A consistent work is done to constantly improve the quality of the products while making them really useful.

The Chongjin Slate Factory is a finishing building materials producer with tens of year-long history.

The factory is improving the quality and increasing the variety of the roofing materials, its traditional products.

Recently the officials, technicians and workers of the factory have built a pressed tile production process relying on local materials and manufactured slate production equipment which uses less or no asbestos.

In the course, the factory became a unit playing an important role in the local construction, an indispensable building materials producer.

Great is the potentiality of the finishing building materials producers built in different parts of the country.

The Korean people will promote the work of making the finishing building materials multifarious and diverse and localizing them, ushering in a great heyday of construction under the leadership of the WPK.

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