Children of Korea

Paduk Prodigy, Winner of Technical Prize


This is Kang Pong Ju attending the Ryomyong Kindergarten in Taesong District of the capital Pyongyang.

Kang Pong Ju was awarded the technical prize in the Autumn Pyongyang City Children’s Paduk (Go) Contest last year, drawing the attention of the paduk experts and amateurs.

At that time, most of his rivals were holders of the second or higher degree, of whom a likely winner and a child who had proved successful in the last contest.

Kang Pong Ju, however, daringly competed with them through his correct move-reading, quick judgement and sharp offensive.

His paduk skill was unique and uncommon enough to be highly appreciated.

Here is his grandmother Jon Sun Dok.

“When my grandson was awarded the technical prize, I was very glad and proud of him. I thought he was well trained by a good teacher.”


Kang Pong Ju was taught by teacher Kim Su Ryon at the Ryomyong Kindergarten.

Kim Su Ryon has already trained several paduk prodigies.

She found out the unusual memory of Kang Pong Ju even his parents had failed.

Here is teacher Kim Su Ryon to say.

“I taught him paduk and drawing and let him practise singing and piano hearing during recesses. I tried to develop his talents while changing the environment frequently lest he should feel boring.”

It is said that the paduk skill of Kang Pong Ju has further developed this year. He has a curiosity to know something instead of killing time. So he often asks unexpected questions.

His parents warmly feel the gratitude to the socialist education system which develops the talents of their son.

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