Baby’s Name Given at a Conference

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un appreciated a performance of art group of families of service personnel on June 2, Juche 108 (2019).

After the performance, he called two children who had been on the stage, wishing them happy future.

With a bright smile on his face, he picked up one of them in his arms, who was five-year-old Ri Chung Do named by him.

On March 6, Juche 103 (2014) he visited an air unit to guide the flight training of women pilots on the spot.

After the training, he looked round the unit, when he found that there were many conjugal pilots in the unit.

Saying he wants to see those conjugal pilots, he called all of them.

He said they are flying together for national defense, valuing the national affairs more than their family affairs, and their minds are really precious. At that time a woman pilot asked him without reserve to name her new-born baby.

Smiling brightly, he said the baby should have a good name and he would ponder it over.

The woman pilot was beside herself with joy.

Later, she, together with her husband, participated in the First Conference of Pilots of the Korean People’s Army grandly held in the presence of Kim Jong Un on April 15.

Declaring the conference closed, Kim Jong Un sat on his seat again and said there was one thing more to discuss with them, and talked about the issue of giving a name to the baby of conjugal pilots of an air unit.

The participants could not but be surprised.

The conjugal pilots were more greatly shocked.

Looking around at the conference hall with affection, Kim Jong Un asked if they had already named their baby.

The woman pilot stood up from her seat and answered in a tearful voice that they hadn’t named the baby as yet.

Kim Jong Un said in a resonant voice:

I have long thought of how to name the baby. How about naming it “Chung Do” in the meaning that he would go along the road of loyalty invariably following the Party.

The moment, loud cheers shook the conference hall.

Unable to repress their surging emotion, the couple hurried up to the rostrum.

They made a pledge in tears to become red hawks of loyalty flying in the sky until the last moment of their lives, remembering the honour. Looking at them with an air of satisfaction, Kim Jong Un warmly asked them to bring up their son well.

The story of his love for a family of pilots will be told through generations.

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