A Local Town Built in a Mountain Region

A modern mountain town has been built at the foot of Mt. Paektu in the northern part of Korea. It is Samjiyon City in Ryanggang Province.

Samjiyon City has a lot of revolutionary battle sites associated with the history of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle of the great leader Kim Il Sung and the great leader Kim Jong Il‘s birthplace in the Paektusan Secret Camp. This historic place has been completely changed.

One day in November Juche 102 (2013) the respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un visited then Samjiyon County and gave precious instructions on refurbishing the county.

Afterwards, he called at the county again and unfolded a grand plan to turn it wonderfully into a model of the country and into a mountain town, the only one in the world.

In Juche 107 (2018), he gave field guidance to the construction sites of Samjiyon County three times.

It was on July 9 that he visited the county for the first time that year.

Giving precious instructions on the construction of the county on the belvedere, Kim Jong Un stressed the need to create a model of mountain towns intensively showing the modern civilization through the construction of Samjiyon County and generalize the experience and thus face-lift and build up well all the counties in the mountain regions of the country.

In the days of building the town area of Samjiyon County, he guided as many as more than 8,800 miniatures, widening the eye and mental horizon of the officials and leading the workers to make innovations in their work attitude.

On December 2, Juche 108 (2019), the inaugural ceremony of the completely changed town area of Samjiyon County was grandly held in the presence of Kim Jong Un.

Loud cheers of “Hurrah!” shook the sky and earth, fireworks were displayed and balloons let loose, decorating the sky beautifully.

The Presidium of the Supreme People’s Assembly of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea made public a decree on renaming Samjiyon County of Ryanggang Province Samjiyon City on December 10, Juche 108 (2019).

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