Participants in Military Parade Warmly Welcomed by Pyongyang Citizens

The line of trucks carrying soldiers of the elite revolutionary army was driven past the streets of the capital city, amid unsparing compliment and welcome by citizens of Pyongyang at dawn on Saturday after the splendid military parade to be specially recorded in the history of the country which was held in the presence of the Kim Jong Un, Supreme Leader of the Party, state and armed forces.

The participants in the military parade singing the army song full of militant stamina of the powerful revolutionary army aboard trucks weaving through the streets were warmly welcomed by citizens at the plaza of Pyongyang Railway Station and other places with national flags and flowers.

The spirit of the invincible armed forces filled Chollima Street, Yongung Street and Pipha Street along which enthusiasm of the cheering crowds continued.

At Ryonghung Crossroads and from brightly-lit windows in Ryomyong Street, citizens welcomed the procession.

The participants in the military parade past Chongryu Bridge, from which Rungna People’s Pleasure Ground, Munsu Water Park, Pyongyang Taedonggang Seafood Restaurant were in sight, full of a firm pledge to fulfill their honorable mission and duty as the defender of the country and the creator of the people’s happiness.

The columns of the mechanized units were warmly greeted by citizens at Changjon Crossroads and Okryu Bridge as they rolled through as if to demonstrate the might of the Juche-based national defence industry.

The people praised the defenders of the country and the nation as they came closer to see the dependable tankmen and heroic artillery men of the WPK each of whom can match a hundred.

Greeting in great excitement the ultra-modern strategic weapons, the people enshrined once again the iron truth that the army becomes strong, the people great and the country powerful only when they are led by outstanding leader.

The soldiers acknowledging the enthusiastically cheering citizens were full of immense honor and pride of demonstrating the dignity and might of Korea all over the world as they are led by the illustrious great commander.

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