Fireworks Displayed for WPK Anniversary

There was fireworks celebration in Pyongyang on Saturday on the occasion of the 75th founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

The event started as firecrackers of various colors were shot off in the entire area between Okryu Bridge and the Taedonggang Bridge with the Tower of the Juche Idea in the middle.

People presented the sea of dancers at Kim Il Sung Square under the sky beautifully lit with fascinating fireworks.

Colorful fireworks and myriads of firecrackers that were let off nonstop decorated the sky beautifully.

Song “Mother’s Birthday” reverberated far and wide and fireworks depicting number reading “75” appeared in the sky above Taedong River.

The enthusiastic dancing revved up the atmosphere.

Firecrackers fell in torrents to the tune of songs like “Appearance of Korea” and “Do Prosper, Era of the Workers’ Party” to present a spectacular view.

Firecrackers were shot off one after another to depict galaxy, flowers and frostwork, portraying the happy laughter of people in the villages turned into socialist fairyland.

The emblem of our Party and letters reading “Long Live the Workers’ Party of Korea” were depicted with the firecrackers amid the song “Long Live the Workers’ Party of Korea”.

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