Disabled Persons

Song of Happy People

The people in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea grandly celebrate the 75th founding anniversary of the Workers’ Party of Korea.

Greeting the 75th birthday of the Party, all of them keenly feel anew in what a warm and great bosom of the mother they are living.

Tens of days ago, they were making miracles and innovations in their work places despite the difficulties in order to greet the 75th anniversary of the WPK with proud achievements.

Unexpected disasters came at that time. Different areas of the country suffered a lot of damages due to the consecutive flood and typhoon.

Seeing their houses and property and the crops being submerged in the water, people hopelessly blamed the sky.

But the misfortune was only a moment.

“The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un made a field survey of the area of Taechong-ri, Unpha County of North Hwanghae Province, hit by flood.”

Such news was reported on newspapers and broadcasting.

The respected Marshal Kim Jong Un drove his car to visit the village. Seeing the people who lost their houses and family property, he felt greatly painful and took all measures to stabilize the life of the inhabitants as early as possible.

Powerful construction force of the People’s Army were immediately dispatched to the afflicted area and lorries carrying a lot of grains arrived there. Aid materials were also sent to Taechong-ri, which were prepared with sincerity by the families of the departments and headquarters of the Central Committee of the WPK.

Another exciting news was reported that the 16th Meeting of the Political Bureau of the Seventh Central Committee of the WPK had been held.

At the meeting Chairman of the WPK Kim Jong Un earnestly said: After losing their houses and family property, the flood victims are living in temporary places and their sufferings will be indescribable. Now, none other than our Party should bear full responsibility for them and go closer to them in order to share their sufferings and mitigate them.

Listening to him, the people across the country as well as the people in the afflicted area shed warm tears of emotion.

The Party keeps us from the rain
The Party keeps us from the snow
We enjoy a happy life in its embrace
Calling it mother
Where can we find such warm feeling?
We cannot live without so good a bosom
… … …

Under the loving care of the WPK looking after the sufferers with the affection of the mother who spares nothing for her children emotional stories unheard-of in history were told.

The sufferers lived in the building of a County Party Committee without any worry and officials worked in tents. Officials of the Party Central Committee rendered support to the campaign for damage rehabilitation.

Farmer Jo Mi Ok at the Namhae Cooperative Farm in Ongjin County of South Hwanghae Province says:

“Seeing the officials of the Party Central Committee work while boarding and lodging with our farmers, we thought it is possible only in our socialist society. We wept for the warm love of Marshal Kim Jong Un and for our grateful Party.

We have nothing to fear when we are led by him.”

Though they suffered the destructive disasters, the people did not feel misfortune in the warm bosom that takes care of them.

Informed of the misfortune of the people in South and North Hamgyong Provinces hit by typhoon, Kim Jong Un made his way through the rugged road and called on the spot an enlarged meeting of the Executive Policy Council of the Party Central Committee for organizing the campaign for recovery from the natural disasters caused by Typhoon No. 9. He sent an open letter he wrote to the Party members of the capital city and had elite divisions of Party members of the capital city organized with core Party members in the capital to send them to the sites of damage rehabilitation.

The more difficulty the people have, the more warmly the motherly Party embraces them and devotes itself to remove their pains and misfortunes. In response to the appeal of the Party, the Party members of the capital city Pyongyang, all the members of the WPK, people across the country and the service personnel of the People’s Army have turned out as one.

Days of campaign passed to finish the damage rehabilitation on the highest level at the shortest time. In those days the people across the country as well as those in the damaged areas more keenly felt how grateful our Party and our socialist system were.

At last, people moved into new houses built in the damaged areas which had been destroyed by the fury of nature.

On the day of moving into new houses, an inhabitant in Kangbuk-ri, Kumchon County of South Hwanghae Province, completely changed, said:

“But for the respected Marshal Kim Jong Un, it could not have been possible to imagine today’s happiness. He heartily hoped that we would settle down in the new villages and houses to lead a happy life and that the area would always be visited by fortune. We are the happiest people in the world.”

Ancient people regarded happiness as the favour given by the God.

But those blessings our people enjoy are neither a gift of the God nor an outcome of accidental fortune.

Thanks to the WPK making selfless, devoted efforts for the good of the people, more and more people enjoy a happy life in the new houses and villages.

Thinking of today’s happiness in tears, the people across the country sing a song from the bottom of their hearts.

As there is the bright sun in the sky
There is a benevolent Party on this land
Though we are born a hundred times
We will live only in its embrace
Where can we find such warm feeling?
We cannot live without so good bosom
All people heartily say
We have the great Workers’ Party of Korea


Singing the song “We Have the Great Workers’ Party of Korea”, the Korean people will, in the future, too, enjoy a dignified life in glory and happiness.

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