Home of Self-Reliance and Self-Development

The respected Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un dropped in at the science exhibition hall during his visit to the State Academy of Sciences on January 11, Juche 107 (2018).

For tens of years since its foundation, the State Academy of Sciences has successfully solved the scientific and technological problems arising in speeding up the economic construction of the country, making an active contribution to putting the national economy on a Juche-oriented, modern and scientific basis and strengthening the might of the independent national economy.

Keenly aware of the ardent patriotism and painstaking pursuit and efforts of the scientists reflected on the scientific research findings and exhibits displayed in the science exhibition hall, Kim Jong Un said the inventions made by scientists are really great, the hall is the treasure house of self-reliance and self-development and the State Academy of Sciences is the home of self-reliance and self-development.

It was an undeserved praise for the exploits of the State Academy of Sciences which has fully demonstrated the honor of the country with scientific and technological successes.

That day Kim Jong Un confidently said the Workers’ Party of Korea is strong as the reliable scientists ardently support the Party policy and turn out in the struggle for its implementation.

The scientists were firmly determined to make greater successes in scientific researches with the strength, wisdom and confidence given by Kim Jong Un.

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