To Improve Supply Service For Coal Miners


The duck farm plays a big role in the supply service for coal miners.

The Pukchang Area Youth Coal-mining Complex runs a duck farm.

The farm raises not only ducks but pigs, fishes and greenhouse vegetables.

What is remarkable is that it widely uses agricultural by-products as feed, instead of cereal feed.

“Huge quantities of cereal feed are needed to breed ducks in large numbers. So we carefully explored the way to ensure a sufficient supply of feed,” said chief engineer Kim Jun Sik.

According to him, if ducks, pigs and other domestic animals consume only cereal feed without protein feed, it is impossible to increase meat and egg outputs, though spending large amounts of feed.

The farm pulverized such agricultural by-products as bean pods and stalks and mixed them with an additive made from decomposed duck feathers to make a new protein feed.

It also established a water lettuce cultivation ground to make a fermented feed with a high nutritional value and digestibility.

“Duck excrement contains proteins yet to be broken down. We get feed for pigs by fermenting them,” said breeder Kil Son Ae.

The farm also uses pig feces for growing greenhouse vegetables and farming fishes.

Categories: Agriculture, Mines

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